The Ecosystem Guide BooksThis ongoing series is an attempt at ‘ecosystem-based’ field guides for the natural history of a specific ecosystem in a particular region. The books usually begin with the basics of the physical environment, such as the climate and geology. This is followed by a look at the ecological relationships, such as pollination and seed dispersal.

Much of the book is then taken up with reviewing the major groups of organisms that are typical of that particular ecosystem in that area, from the simplest plants, through the diversity of invertebrates, to the birds and mammals, with a focus on the species that are most commonly seen. The end section briefly looks at the history of humans in relationship to this ecosystem.

The books then conclude with a short overview of some of the places where this ecosystem can be enjoyed.

The Ecosystem Guides are designed for and used in biology study programmes in the field, as well as for tour guides, eco-tourists and interested locals.

Editions of these books are distributed to appropriate environmental, educational and ecotourism organisations in the region. Extra editions can be purchased through bookstores and centres, the website, or Gary Allen distributors (please refer to the “Contact and Order Details” page.)

“Ecosystem Guides: Rainforest of tropical Australia”“The complete guide to our most diverse ecosystem”

This guide helps you explore the beautiful rainforests that grow in Queensland, as well as across northern Australia, and onto many of the surrounding islands.


Released: Christmas 2007
RRP: AUD$35.00
Size: 210mm x 140mm
350 pages
ISBN: 976-0-9757470-3-2.
Published by Ecosystem Guides.

Review comments

“exciting and very informative”
Museum of tropical Queensland.

“Informative…interjected with Damon’s dry wit”
Cairns Post

“Ecosystem Guides: Ocean Surfaces of the Earth”“The perfect book to read while cruising the oceans”

This guide helps you understand the largest of all ecosystems – the worlds open seas and oceans.

Projected release date: Christmas 2008
RRP: approx. AUD$25.00
Size: 210mm x 140mm
200-250 pages
Published by Ecosystem Guides.

 How To Order

The Ecosystem Guide books are available in bookstores around Australia – if they are not on display, ask them to order them in!

If you are a smaller outfit such as an information centre, souvenir shop or accommodation, and/or are located in North Queensland,
and want to stock and sell the books, please contact Damon on or by phone on 0408 419 550,
and delivery can be arranged.

If you are a large bookstore or other major chain, the distributor of the Ecosystem Guides within Australia is Gary Allen who can be
contacted on or 02 9725 2933.

Wholesale rates are available for retail outlets, and these are also available for educational and ecotourism facilities.

Other forthcoming titles in the Ecosystem Guides series:

  • Coral Reefs of the Indo-Pacific
  • Beaches of tropical Australia
  • Temperate Seashores of New Zealand and southern Australia
  • Savanna of northern Australia
  • Mangroves of Australasia